About Us

Company “PK “Tehnoizol Baltika” started production of roof aerators in year 2005 with aerator “Polivent”, that firmly occupied markets of Belarus and Kaliningrad region (Russia).

In 2006 the company continued widening of product portfolio. Also, first quality certificates for roof aerators were received.

In 2007 the company started production of roof drains, also testing certificates for roof aerators and drains “Polivent” were received.

In 2008 the company started production of aerators for pitched roofs (Polivent-KTV-ventil, Polivent-konek, Polivent-KTV).

In 2009 “PK “Tehnoizol Baltika” started production of ventilation outlets for pitched roofs, wind vanes, compactors for pipes. Also, xenotests of coloured aerators and ventilation outlets have been done in Moscow Institute of Physics: resistance to discoloration was confirmed by corresponding resolutions. Also, extraordinary frost resistance of roof aerators “Polivent-Konek” was confirmed by tests, that took place in laboratories of Central research institute of industrial buildings (corresponding resolutions received).

Since 2009 all the company’s products are defended from counterfeit by Russian legislation (all the necessary patents received).

Thanks to solid quality and competitive pricing, aerators and other production under brand “Polivent” earned confidence and respect from many satisfied customers and business partners. As for today, the company’s distribution network covers most of the largest Russian and Byelorussian cities.

Up-to-date production technology and strict quality control enabled the company’s products to press foreign analogs from Russian and Byelorussian markets. Also, aerators and roof drains “Polivent” are being exported to Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Latvia, Litva, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.