Utilization of modern roofing materials requires creation of forced ventilation system. Ventilation removes condensate and bitumen vapor, optimizes microclimate, strongly increases life time of roofing material and heat insulation material.

Due to impossibility of full isolation provision of vapor sealing layer, water vapor from premise or environment penetrate into vapor sealing layer and condensate in it. In this case, during frost, vapor sealing layer freezes through and loses it’s isolating properties. As a result – increase in heating expenses increase and damage of roof.

Plastic aerators (deflectors, wind vanes) of different diameters, used in establishment of “breathful” roofs and rehabilitation of roof give following advantages:

  • Prevent formation of swelling on roof.
  • Increase of life time of vapor sealing layer.
  • Heat insulation remains dry.
  • Decrease in heating expenses.
  • Plastic aerators are not exposed to corrosion and can be used in different climatic zones.

Check if you have such aerators mounted on your roof. Probably, their absence causes constant repairs of your roofs.

One of the most effective modern aerators are aerators “Polivent”. They are made of shock- and frostproof (from -50C to +90C) polypropylene, resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Roofs with mounted aerators “POLIVENT”, will serve You long and your house will remain dry and warm in any weather.